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Part 2 of Monster Yurisume fanfiction
After calming down a bit and temporarily coming to terms with their changes, Yuisu and Haru carefully stood up and tried to adjust to their new bodies. Yuisu, worried about the other homestays, went to open the door of the room. She then realized she did not currently possess a hand with which to turn the handle. She turned to Haru with a helpless look on her face. Haru, still getting used to having fingers, realized what was wrong, and went to help. She placed her new hand over the doorknob, and slowly closed her fingers around it. She carefully turned it, and opened the door. Yuisu's cheeks turned ever so slightly redder, not only because of how helpless she felt, but also just now realizing something she hadn't even considered before; her room was one of the only ones in the house without either a handle or a traditional sliding door. She finally understood  just how much of a burden not having any hands must be for Haru. (For Yurisu, however, this predicament was quite the turn on)  >:)

Tsuen and Mara encountered eachother as they stepped out of their rooms. They were both struggling to stand on the unfamiliar limbs that were now positioned underneath them. Mara spoke first: "What the heck? Wait a sec, Tsuen?" Tsuen's gaze slid slowly up a pair of slender, shaky limbs, almost craning her neck to meet the face that now towered before her. Never in her life had she felt quite so small. On the other hand, Mara struggled to keep her balance, which she had never really had to deal with before due to being so low to the ground. Not to mention, she now had half as many legs to stand on. She was used to still being able to touch the floor while standing, so suddenly looking down on the world was very unsettling. The couple pondered their reversal of perspective. Each finally saw how the other viewed the world.

Quess lifted herself off of Iormu. It didn't prove to be too difficult, as the massive tail in place of her legs weighed far more than her upper half, and provided more than enough leverage. She was taken aback the purple slime that should have been a massive serpent (and also her lover). Likewise, Iormu looked over Quess' new form with concern. Quess reached out a scaly hand, which Iormu grabbed and used to pull herself up. Almost immediately, her new legs gave out underneath her, collapsing into a gooey puddle on the floor. Startled, she instinctively slid backwards, and the puddle re-formed itself into a sloppy imitation of a tail. Iormu, finally regaining her composure, finally asked: "What is happening? And why?" "Come on," Quess replied, "I think we should go see if everyone else is alright" Quess, being already accustomed to changing form by virtue of being a slime, had much less difficulty moving with her new form than Iormu, but she wasn't used to having to deal with her own sheer size before. Nevertheless, the two helped one another back to the main building.

And so, very confused and very tired, Haru the human, Yuisu the harpy, Tsuen the arachne, Mara the centauress,  Iormu the slime, and Quess the jorgamundr, (Add Actia the gargoyle and Chione the moth later) gathered in the main area of the mansion.
  • Reading: Monster Yurisume by Natron77


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I play world of tanks under the username diamondhero253_. I primarily draw tanks, and I like science fiction, tg, minecraft (#skyarmy), anime, fanfic, war thunder, doctor who and OF COURSE...
World of Tanks!



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